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Xiang Cheng technology works as a supplier in offering Precise customized machined parts and components for industrial field, especially the new born Artificial Intelligence machine field.


High Volume Parts Machining

With a CNC machining site over 1000 square meters with over 15 machining equipment, Xiang Cheng with big capability to handle the high volumes customized nonstandard parts machining for the industrial field.

Precise 0.01 Tolerance Machining

Advanced precision machining and measurement equipment to assure the tolerance of the finished parts at 0.01mm.

Rapid φ 1.5mm-2mm Deep Hole Drilling

Xiang Cheng with its new advanced drilling machine in specially drilling deeps holes in minimum φ 1.5mm same time maintains high speed and precisely.

AI Machine One End Structure Manufacture

Xiang Cheng is a high educated engineering team providing machining and engineering parts and components for Artificial intelligence industrial.



High Speed Machining

Precise Machining

Service and Capabilities

High speed machining– – CNC 3-axis, 4-axis 5-axis auto machining centers for superior speed & flexibility precision grinding turning, milling, drilling and tapping Capability up to 1020mm parts. Tolerance up to 0.01mm. With different Knife library for both prototype and components.

High volumes machining– CNC machine parts up to 10000piece, customized high volumes part machining at on-time turn over.

High rapid multi-deep holes drilling-With capability to drill the multi holes within φ 1.5mm efficiently for thick plates.

AI machine parts and component manufacture –XC team with 5 years’ project experience in Robot, UVA, VR, APL non-standard parts design machining and assemble, from the movement parts and shell structures.

Dredging parts engineering -10 years’ Holland-made drugging engineering and production experience in supply chain and quality control.

Protopype and products–from design to finish product to delivery.







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